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1 - 99+

Min / Max Age

3 - 99+

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Game Rules

Players are divided into two teams. Mark two safety lines not more than 40 feet from center.

Midway between the safety lines, form players in two teams facing the leader. The lines of players are about 5 feet apart. One line is crows, the other is cranes.

When the leader calls Crows, the crows run for their safety line, attempting to reach it before the cranes can tag them. If the leader calls crawfish, no one runs.

The leader should use deception and precede his call with a crr sound, so players will not know what is going on.

Each team receives a point for every member of the opposite team tagged before that team reaches safety. Each team loses a point for every one of its people running in the wrong direction or running on the call crawfish.

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