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Game Type


Min / Max Players

6 - 12

Min / Max Age

8 - 99+

Playing Location


Game Requirments

At least one pencil per person (colored pencils make it more exciting). Paper - number of people playing for each person, ex. 6 people 6x6= 36 pieces, 6 for each person (feel free to rip paper in half/fourths/eights etc).

Game Objective

Like telephone... We're just upping the antics! Quite hilarious!

Game Rules

Everyone should have their stack of papers right in front of them. On the first page everyone writes a sentence, any sentence they want. Then, pass the whole stack, face down, to the person on your right. Now everyone has a new stack of papers. Read the sentence, then, on the next sheet draw a picture of that sentence. Put the sheet with the sentence at the back of the stack and keep the paper on top. Next, pass the stack face down the person on your right. Once again, everyone has a new stack of papers. This time, look at the picture and write a sentence describing the picture. The next person draws a picture for that sentence, and the next writes a sentence for the picture, this pattern follows until you come back to the original sentence. Once everyone has their stack back, take turns showing the development of their sentences.

It gets pretty funny when you start with a sentence about a hideous princess and end with a picture that looks like a king with lobster arms on Christmas morning!

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