Party Games 411

Sent in by Scott

Game Type


Min / Max Players

5 - 15

Min / Max Age

8 - 98

Playing Location


Game Requirments

Fun, exciting people to play with!

Game Objective

To figure out what the "condition" of the group is.

Game Rules

Everyone sits in a circle and one person goes out of the room. While they are out everyone else decides on a "condition" that the whole group has. Then call the person who went out back in. That person then asks questions to individual people in which they answer as if they have the pre-determined "condition." Through these questions the person figures out what "condition" the group has.

Example conditions: boys act like girls and the girls act like boys, everyone acts like the person next to them, everyone does a certain action before they answer etc..

Example questions: What is your favorite color? How old are you? What did you do today?

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