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Min / Max Players

10 - 50

Min / Max Age

12 - 99+

Playing Location


Game Requirments


Game Objective

Slap your hand on the ground at the right time- simple- NOT!

Game Rules

Invite players to lay on their stomachs in a circle with their hands in front of them.

Now have everyone slide their hand underneath the arm of the person on each side.

(You will slide your right hand under the arm of the person on my right and your left hand under the arm of the person on your left. Your hand stays on the floor, palm down. I also do this with my left hand.

The result will be that no one should have their same hands next to each other. And you should have two different hands in front of you, one from a player on your right, one from a player on your left.

To play this game simply slap your hand at the right time.

Start by deciding which direction the hand slapping will go.For this example we will say to the left. I slap my hand and the hand just to the left of my hand should then slap the floor.

Remember that we all have intertwined arms. The game should proceed like this. I slap my right hand. The person to my right slaps her left hand. Then the person to my left slaps his right hand. Then I slap my left hand. Because there are two hands in-between my hands on the floor.

Just try it out and it is simple! Now one slap keeps the game going in the same direction, two turns it back the other way.

If someone misses their turn or slaps when they shouldn’t the one hand that messed up is out. So every person has two chances.

When a player is out the two people next to him will intertwine arms. The circle gets smaller and smaller! The last person or two are the winners.

This game can go really fast so start the next round right away.

After a round or two your guests will get the picture. So add a few more motions. Like a snap means it skips the next hand.

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