Party Games 411

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Game Type


Min / Max Players

5 - 20

Min / Max Age

5 - 70

Playing Location


Game Requirments

Frisbee, softball, rubber ball, football, or any other throwing item

Game Objective

Catch the Frisbee or ball enough times to become the thrower.

Game Rules

One person begins the game as the thrower and the other players gather in an area, at a throwing distance.

The thrower calls out a number of what the catch is worth. It might be "50", "100" or "200" or any amount he wants the throw to be worth. Then, he throws the object toward the players.

Whoever catches the object gains the stated points and calls out their score. Each subsequent catch will add cumulative to the total. The first player to 500 wins and becomes the new thrower.
Variations of the game include calling out a negative value, which means the players do NOT want to catch it. You can also play that if a player touches the object but fails to catch it they reduce their score by the stated value. With objects that bounce you can also play that each bounce reduces the total by half.

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