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Alt Game Names

Refrigertor Tag

Game Type


Min / Max Players

5 - 50

Min / Max Age

5 - 99+

Playing Location


Game Requirments

A large open area

Game Rules

To play, pick four objects to be bases and give each base a name: "Don't like it," "Love it," "It's OK," "Never tried it." You can make signs for each base if you like.

Pick someone to be "IT." "IT" stands in the middle and the players stand on any base they want. "IT" calls out the name of a food.

Players then have to run to the base that describes how they feel about that food. "IT" tries to tag a player before he or she reaches the base. The player who is tagged then becomes "IT!"

You can also play this game with different subjects. Substitute animals, movies or holidays for food items. Great icebreaker game!

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