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Alt Game Names

Making Cents

Game Type


Min / Max Players

2 - 20

Min / Max Age

8 - 99+

Playing Location


Game Requirments

Rubber gloves, a large container and water for each player. You will also need 10 pennies, 10 nickles, 10 dimes and 5 quarters per player and blindfolds. If you have a lot of participants spit into teams or do a relay race.

Game Objective

To identify and pick up the quarters while blindfolded.

Game Rules

To set up the game, pick two players, blindfold them, and have them put on rubber gloves.

Put some warm water in two large containers.

Put 10 pennies, nickels and dimes and 5 quarters inside each container.

To play, players pick out the coins one at a time. If players think that they don't have a quarter, they can put a coin back.

After one minute, players see how many coins they have and then add up their score.

Quarters are worth one point, but pennies, nickels, and dimes are each worth negative one point.

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