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Alt Game Names

Bell Tag

Game Type


Min / Max Players

5 - 40

Min / Max Age

5 - 99+

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Requirments

A bell to be worn around one player's neck or can be held loosely in their hand. The bell must be large enough to be heard fairly easily. If there are more than 10 players there can be two "bellmen".

Game Objective

To listen for the "bell" and tag the "bellman".

Game Rules

In Blind Bell all players, but one, are blindfolded and told to scatter.

The one player who isn't blindfolded is given a bell to wear around their neck, with having this bell around the neck it is bound to make noise with most steps that player takes.

The blindfolded players goal is to try and catch the bell wearing player, all while the bell wearer is constantly trying to stay out of their way and free. The player who catches the bell wearer wins.

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