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Game Type

Team Building

Min / Max Players

10 - 99+

Min / Max Age

8 - 99+

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Requirments

Pair players up into teams of two people.

Game Objective

To be the last team standing!

Game Rules

Gather your group together and have them split into groups of two. It’s usually best if groups are fairly evenly matched- same size and strength etc. but mismatched teams can add to the fun.

Explain the three poses teams must be able to form.

If the leader of the game says “BRONCO” one person in each group of two will jump down on all fours and the second team member will sit on their back as if they are riding a horse.

If the leader says “BABY” one of the players in each team of two will jump into the arms of the second team member as if they are being cradled like a baby.

If the leader says “BACKPACK” one of the players in each group of two will jump on the back of the second player like they are getting a piggy back ride.

The last team of two to form up the combination is out of the game and teams are eliminated until there are two teams left and the winning team is determined.

For larger groups you may need to say that the last three are out.

As teams get a little more experience you can make the game more fun by yelling out combinations of movements such as “BABY, BRONCO, BACKPACK, BABY, GO!” The teams of two will frantically go through all of those until they perform the last “BABY.”

HINT: To help keep control of the game explain before hand that the teams can not move until you say “GO!”

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