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Game Type

Team Building

Min / Max Players

6 - 25

Min / Max Age

12 - 99+

Playing Location


Game Requirments

Two “Magicians” who lead this activity for the group. Both Magicians must know the trick behind the activity in order to make magic happen.

Game Objective

The objective is for the group to figure out how the two "Magicians" do their magic.

Game Rules

Introduce the activity by name – Black Magic and explain that one Magician will guess a secret object in the room selected by the group.

One Magician leaves the room. While that person is out of the room, the group selects an object in site and points it out to the Magician remaining in the room.

When the person reenters the room, the Magician who remained asks him or her a series of questions – “Is the object the candle on the table?” Is the object the chair? Is the object the cat?” The Magician continues to ask questions, naming objects in the room.

At some point, the Magician names an object black in color. The selected object is always the object directly following the named black object. If a participant thinks he or she knows the pattern, ask him or her to to go out of the room and be a "magician" to prove they know the whast the magic is.

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