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Game Type


Min / Max Players

8 - 99+

Min / Max Age

6 - 45

Playing Location


Game Requirments


Game Objective

To find the ghost and get back to the base before the ghost tags you

Game Rules

Designate something as the base, like the porch or a trampoline something everyone can touch or fit on. When you are touching or on the base you are safe. Choose somebody to be it, this person is called the ghost. Everyone else gets on the base and counts to 30 while the ghost hides. After you get to 30 say ready or not here we come. Everyone leaves the base and walks around looking to find the ghost. When someone finds the ghost they yell GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD! Once the ghost is found and you yell ghost in the graveyard everyone tries to get back to the base without being tagged by the ghost. If the ghost tags someone the person that got tagged is it. If the ghost didn't get anyone they are it again.

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