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Game Type


Min / Max Players

0 - 99+

Min / Max Age

3 - 99+

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Requirments

Balloons, prizes

Game Objective

To find balloons and retrieve prize certificates Inside them.

Game Rules

A large number of balloons are inflated and placed around your family reunion site. If Outside, try to find an area where balloons aren't popped by rocks etc. A few special balloons have a winning ticket placed Inside them prior to being blown up. On the word "GO" everyone tries to pop the balloons (no pins allowed- they may only use their body) as quickly as possible to find the winning tickets. The contest ends when all the balloons are burst and prizes are awarded.

This is really a less hectic version of Balloon Blast, Balloons are attached to a fence, wall or a ceiling. Give participants a pin on a stick or turn the game into a balloon dart game and give everyone three darts. If they pop a balloon that contains a winning ticket they get a prize.

HINT: To fool family members, you may wish to put a ticket in all the balloons although most will say "Sorry Try Again" or something similar.

HINT: If you put balloons on the ceiling put some small squares of colored craft tissue Inside when blowing them up. When the balloon pops this comes down like confetti adding to the fun.

HINT: Instead of prizes you can write some challenges down on small scraps of paper (examples include: sing a song, do a ballet move, say the alphabet etc.).

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