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10 - 99+

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8 - 40

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This game is typically played Outside over an open field the size being dependent on the number of players. Each team has a line on opposite sides of the field. Behind that line is safe for your team. Between the two lines in the middle of the field is "no-man's land." You win the game by capturing all the other team's players or by having more captured than the other team when time runs out. You capture an player from the other team by being "fresher" than they are. If you cross your safe line into no-man's land and I cross after you then I am fresher and if I tag you then you go to jail. So this is the DARE, when I cross my safe line to catch you, someone else on your team may come out "fresher" than I I to catch me. Can I catch you before they catch me or do we return to our safe zones first. Jails are usually a specified area where captured players must remain, but can be freed if a team mate can make it safely to the jail and touch you. Safe passage back to your safe area is then ensured.

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