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Alt Game Names

Golf Ball on a spoon

Game Type

Relay Race

Min / Max Players

10 - 99+

Min / Max Age

5 - 99+

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Requirments

sturdy paper plates and ping pong balls

Game Rules

Divide into two teams, and stand in 2 lines. Demonstrate how to hold the plate- like a waiter. (Thumbs and fingers cannot be on top of the plate)
Now put a ping pong ball onto each plate a give one to the leader of each line. On the word go, their job is to run as fast as they can weaving in and out of each player down the line, while balancing the ball on the plate. Once he gets to the back of the line he then runs straight up to the front again (without weaving) and gives the plate to the next player, and runs down to the back position.

The next player repeats the process. If the ball falls off the plate the player must return to the front and restart. First team to run the course wins.

You may also map out an obstacle course to run through or for a more simple game have players run to a central marker, like a chair or an orange cone, run around it and then run home.

Another fun variation on this game is the Golf ball on spoon relay. This relay is just like Crazy Waiter only you use a golf ball on a spoon.

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