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Game Type

Ping Pong

Min / Max Players

5 - 15

Min / Max Age

10 - 99+

Playing Location


Game Requirments

ping pong table, two paddles, one ball

Game Rules

Everyone is spread out around the table, and the two people on either end have the paddles. One person serves, sets the paddle down on the table and moves in a clockwise direction around the table. The person on his right moves in and picks up the paddle to return the ball. So it is essentially you rotate around the table taking turns hitting the ball. Everyone gets a chance to hit the ball, and the game moves quickly. Everyone is allowed two misses and then they are out. When there are two people remaining, they must hit the ball, place the paddle down, turn around, pick up the paddle, and return the ball, until one of them misses and is out.

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