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Alt Game Names

Do You Love Your Relative

Game Type

Ice Breaker

Min / Max Players

10 - 50

Min / Max Age

5 - 70

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Rules

The group sits in a circle with room in the center.  The person that is “ITâ€? does not have a chair and stands in the center of the circle. “ITâ€? walks up to one of the people in the circle, points to someone and asks, “_________, do you love your relative?â€? The individual pointed to can say one of two things:“Yes I love my relatives (everyone sitting in the circle must move to a new chair)“No, I don’t love my relatives but I love everyone _____________________.â€? Fill in the blank with things like- everyone that is wearing green, everyone that likes chocolate, everyone that has a dog or everyone that wears glasses. (Only the people that meet the requirements move to a different chair.)In both situations, the person that asks the question runs to sit on a chair. The person left standing, without a chair to sit on, is the new “ITâ€?.

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Other Names

Posted by Scott at 2011-09-05 06:28:34

If we are playing with neighbors we call this "Do you love your neighbor" if we are playing with family we call it "Do you love your family" or Do you love your relative"