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Min / Max Players

10 - 40

Min / Max Age

5 - 70

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Game Rules

Divide the family into 2 teams. Each team makes a line by holding hands and stretching the line out. The two teams are arranged facing each other about 20 feet apart. One team begins by saying, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send (person’s name on other team) over.� The person whose name was called runs from his line and tries to break through the hands of any two people on the other team. If he successfully breaks through he then chooses one opponent to take back to his team with him. If he does not break through he must stay on the opposing team. The team to get the most players wins.

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Posted by mostewart at 2011-12-05 06:00:18

Fun traditional party game as long as no one gets hurt. Set guidelines so that the bigger players cannot run through the little people.