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Alt Game Names

Pat, pat, clap, snap

Game Type


Min / Max Players

10 - 25

Min / Max Age

10 - 99+

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Game Requirments


Game Rules

Arrange chairs in a circle or semi-circle. Each seat is assigned a name or number, starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, one, two, three, etc. The first person or leader, is Mathew, sitting next to him is Mark, then Luke then John and the rest of the people in the circle number off beginning with number one.Practice a 4- beat pattern by patting your legs two times, clapping your hands one time then snapping one time. Repeat patch, patch, clap, snap over an over without varying the speed of the beat."Matthew" always starts. On the fourth count (finger snap), he calls the name/number of another position. That person must then call out the name/number of another's position on the following fourth count (finger snap). If someone misses the rhythm, calls their own name or number, etc., they go to the last position, and the game starts over.- beginning again with Matthew. Object of the game is to work your way up to become Matthew, and stay in that position as long as possible.

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Great Game

Posted by mostewart at 2012-01-01 07:40:59

I use this game not only at parties but in my music classroom to teach steady beat- the students LOVE it!