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Game Type

Ice Breaker

Min / Max Players

8 - 99+

Min / Max Age

5 - 99+

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Requirments

Pencil and paper for each team

Game Objective

Get to know each other and score more points then the other teams

Game Rules

Divide into groups of about 10.  The groups work together to determine the  total amount of points they have  earned.  Each team will need a team captain and recorder.  You can make up your own list of points but here are a few ideas to get  you started.1.  Counting January as one point, February as two points and so on, add up the total points of your group.2. Score one point for each college attended.3. Score one point for every button on each shirt.4. Total number of pennies teammates have in their pockets.5. Total of all sizes added together- one shoe only per person.6.  Hair color score- Black hair- 2 points, Brown hair- 1 point, Red hair- 3  points, Grey hair- 5 points, Blonde- 1 point7. Five points for everyone that is  wearing glasses, 2 points for contacts.8. One point for every child each person has, twins- 5 points, triplets- 10 points.9. Minus 1 point for every soda or pop consumed.  Plus 1 point for every glass or bottle of water.10. 1 point for everyone that is wearing a watch.Add up the total of points each team has and award prizes to the team that has the most? points, least? points, most unorganized? etc.

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