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Game Type


Min / Max Players

3 - 20

Min / Max Age

7 - 70

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Requirments

basketball hoop and two basketballs (can be Nerf indoor balls & hoop)

Game Objective

To be the last remaining player by getting all of the other players out

Game Rules

Pick any spot on the floor and start a line. The first two people in line each have a ball. The game starts by the first person shooting, after they shoot the person behind them can now shoot. After you take the first shot you can shoot from anywhere you want until you make it. If the person behind you makes it before you do you are out. If the person behind you doesn't make it before you then you pass your ball to the next person in line. Keep going until only one person is left.

Variations include giving everyone more "outs." For example give everyone 2 outs before they have to sit down. Sometimes we give the younger children extra outs. If you do get someone out, then they move ahead of them in the line.

After the first game is over we allow the winner to pick a new spot on the floor and we create a new line from last one out to first one out.

This can be a lot of fun indoors as well, using nerf basketballs and hoop.

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