Party Games 411

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Game Type

Ice Breaker

Min / Max Players

10 - 99+

Min / Max Age

5 - 99+

Playing Location

Inside or Outside

Game Requirments

Whistle for each participant or other prop such as paperclip or safety pin

Game Objective

To collect the most whistles

Game Rules

Choose one or two words that if said will cause the person who says the word during the reunion to be penalized. Buy cheap whistle necklaces and give one to each participant. (for large groups you may want to use less expensive props such as a clothespink paperclip or safety pin.) Instruct your family that they are not allowed to say the word ________ . If they do, the person who catches them will take their whistle. Make the taboo word or words fun and something that goes along with your party or reunion theme. The person with the most whistles at the end of the time period is the winner.  Kids love to play this and collecting the whistles is a real motivator.  When choosing you taboo word select a word that will be difficult to avoid saying.

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