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2 - 8

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2 - 99+

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We usually play this game on long car trips through the country, because animals are in more abundance there. Everyone in the car plays and looks for certain animals alongside the road. The animals looked for are ONLY the domesticated kind, because birds would be almost impossible and the game would be over too fast and would be too boring. As one person spots an animal, they say the sound the animal makes and gets a certain amount of points for that animal. ex: cow--moo!, horse-neigh, cat-meow.... etc.  The points are given on the difficulty of the animal that was spotted: cow-1 horse-1 dog-1 sheep-2 llama-3 cat-3 donkey-3 pig-4 (rarely seen, except on REALLY long trips)  anything else spotted everyone must agree on the amount of points given. Play this game until a player gets to a certain amount.. we usually play 10 points and that lasts about a half-hour in the countryside... have fun! 

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